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Proposed Luxury House in Lung Mei Tsuen Road – Sai Kung, Hong Kong

We agreed that the number of vegetation is reduced but only due to natural wastage. No artificial intention has been recorded and all the existing trees are preserved. Moreover, the applicant is prepared to undertake the replenishment of the number and species of trees to compensate the above reduction.

Regarding to the general comment that the original planning intention is “Green Belt”, we believe the latest proposal is sensitive enough to warrant consideration of discretion approval.

Special care has been exercised in this latest scheme. We have used various design devices aiming to come up with an intelligent design addressing to this rather difficult and sensitive site:-


  1. We accept that any man-made form on this site will be conspicuous but decided that any mimicking solution to reduce this visual impact. Instead we believe we can achieve a sensitive balance between natural and artificial form. Especially view of the pavilion derived across at the entrance of the Ma On Shan Country Park.
  2. We opted not to change or disturb the existing profile of the site. Ergo, no site formation work will be required. This we believe will retain the historical profile of the unique site.
    By breaking up the mass of the proposed building. We hope to introduce the right proportion of solids and voids.
  3. The façade is generally horizontal, nonetheless sections of the elevation is left blank to encourage ‘Green-growies’. This, in time, will produce an interlacing-effect, somewhat similar to the effect of historical ruins. This technique should, we hope, provoke a feeling of man-nature cycle which is quintessential to any ‘park’ or green belt setting in a sophisticated city.
  4. The house will not have any fence wall. Soft landscaping are used to separate private and public domains. This is a deliberate attempt to blur the boundary of the lot, giving it a more causal presentation.

Total G.F.A. 585 sq m