Our Value

A&B Design Consultants Limited is a small practice working with selective projects for exclusive clients. Founded by Anthony Chan in 1997, A&B produces a variety of work from housing to hotels.

The firm values the importance of a hands-on approach to every project to ensure close monitoring of quality from inception to operational delivery.

We push ourselves to do our very best and we follow a simple principle to ensure we deliver what we promise:-

“Never Sacrifice Quality for Quantity”


A&B Design offers an extensive range of interior design options and possibilities. Our experienced interior designers work to provide exemplary quality in terms of both creativity and functionality.


A&B Design ensures the needs of clients are manifest as intended. We maintain strict standards to make sure what we do is what the client wants, and we polish our work to its finest before submitting to clients.


At A&B Design, our architects constantly hone their skills and to keep our work unique. Creativity is given space to flourish and we aim to improve with every project we do.


By utilizing a variety of visual technology, this allows our designers to use innovative and creative ways to better communicate what we do through visualization for our clients. We incorporate the latest of technology and are eager to learn more graphical technology in order to ensure what we make is the best for our clients.