BArch, RIBA, H.K.I.A, R.A., Authorized Person


With 30 years of wide-ranging experience in design in China, Chan’s philosophy is to never sacrifice quality for quantity. Emphasizing that each design must be logical, precise, yet innovative and artistic. He believes there as is always more than one solution to a design problem, and that there must be an appropriate balance between the intricacies of a design and resource constraints, all the while maintaining amplitude and versatility.


BDes, BA, MArch, MA, FCSD, RIBA, H.K.I.A, R.A.


Firstly trained as an architect at the University of Hong Kong and secondly educated as an arts and cultural observer at Central Saint Martins, Yeung incorporates a variety of artistic cultural elements into his architectural and design practice. He is mainly involved in architectural design, managing team work, and monitoring progress of all projects.

His creative works have been exhibited in some renowned exhibitions, such as the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and the Hong Kong Exhibition at Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in Italy. He has also been active in academia serving as the part-time lecturer in architecture, interior architecture and graphic design respectively at the undergraduate level. In addition, he is appointed as the external advisor of the graphic design programme at Hong Kong College of Technology.

Recent Awards

  • Honorable Mention (2018), The Architecture MasterPrize
  • Silver Award (2018), European Product Design Award
  • Silver Award (2017), 11th Annual IDA Award
  • Honorable Mention (2016), 10th Annual IDA Award



Architectural Designer

Li is involved in combining design with implementation and she is well-versed in the various areas of architecture. She is also responsible for keeping up to date with the latest design trends and to bring in innovative design techniques.